Green vision

Green Vision

Incorporating "green building" techniques into a laboratory and conserving it's surrounding reserve.

Conference Centre

Conference Centre

Featuring modern and sophisticated conference facilities, available to any-
one requiring such facilities.

Catering + Café

Catering + Café

Catering is done on site and there is also a full-time café for use by anyone visiting the building.

Meal of the Day - Order in advance

Please fill in one of the forms below to place your meal orders.

All orders must be paid in full in advance. You can either choose to receive an invoice for your order to make an EFT payment, or you can pay cash at the Café.

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Daily Meal Order

Daily orders to be placed at least a day in advance - before 15:00 for next day delivery / pick-up.
Full portion: R40 Half Portion R25

Weekly Meal Order

For weekly orders to be send before 10:30 on a Monday morning.

Full portion: R38 Half Portion R25

Monthly Meal Order

For monthly orders

Full portion: R35 Half Portion R25

Week1 - Monday: Meal name
Week1 - Tuesday: Meal name
Week1 - Wednesday: Meal name
Week1 - Thursday: Meal name
Week1 - Friday: Meal name
Week2 - Monday: Meal name