Green vision

Green Vision

Incorporating "green building" techniques into a laboratory and conserving it's surrounding reserve.

Conference Centre

Conference Centre

Featuring modern and sophisticated conference facilities, available to any-
one requiring such facilities.

Catering + Café

Catering + Café

Catering is done on site and there is also a full-time café for use by anyone visiting the building.

Home of the grain industry service providers

The Maize Trust had a vision to erect the Grain Building in The Willows, Pretoria, with a view to offering a state-of-the-art building to grain industry service providers.  In this way permanent accommodation for these service providers could be secured.  The company Grain Building (Pty) Ltd owns and operates the building.

The Grain Building opened its doors on 1 April 2010 and boasts an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly design, which all forms part of the Maize Trust’s strategy to promote sustainable long-term food security in South Africa.  The unique shape of the building blends in harmoniously with its surroundings on the Bronberg Ridge in Pretoria. The building materials used for the structure were natural slate and sandstone, with the exterior of the building finished in earth-tones.

A green-belt servitude was created to retain and protect the natural conservation, especially with regard to the habitat of the endangered Julianas Golden Mole (Neamblysomus julianae), which is on the IUCN Red List of Vulnerable Species.

Particular attention was given to awning-like reflectors and insulation to keep the interior cool in summer while also utilizing the winter sun to warm the north-facing cavity walls, which are filled with fly-ash and radiates warmth throughout the building in winter. Patented Sola-tube roof lights bring natural light into the interior. Upon entering offices, sensors detect movement and switch on the lights, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) when occupied, thereby reducing electricity consumption.

L&L Agricultural Services oversees the maintenance and management of the building, which is partly done through a computerised Business Management System (BMS) that monitors the lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. By mapping daily trends the energy consumption of the building can therefore be reduced when load shedding takes place.

One of the key features of the building is a conference centre that provides modern and sophisticated conferencing facilities. This is available to anyone requiring such facilities and is not only intended for use by grain industry role-players. The centre boasts an auditorium that seats approximately 60 people, together with two breakaway rooms. A formal boardroom with video and telephone conferencing facilities is also available. Tailor-made conferencing packages are offered. The pleasant natural and tranquil surroundings promise to make this a relaxing experience for those making use of the conference centre. Catering is done on site and there is also a full-time café for use by anyone visiting the building.

South Africans need to be whole-heartedly committed towards achieving and maintaining food security – and the Grain Building is a landmark on the route to a well-fed nation in the future.